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Recreational and Intermediate Baseball — Summer League

Level 1:

(players turn 5 by September 15 … after the summer season ends)

(Advanced Tee-Ball/Soft-Toss)

Level 2:

(Coach Pitch)

(Player/Coach Pitch)

Level 3:

(Modified League Rules)  No Metal Cleats

(Modified League Rules) No Metal Cleats

Level 4:

(High School Baseball)

(High School Baseball)

League Movement

Playing Up: Recreationally or in Intermediate

We discourage playing up in the recreational leagues. You should not register your child to play in a league that is intended for older players.

Playing Down: 

Recreational Players may play in a league intended for younger players if a written notice is provided by a physician or a school counselor stating that it is in the child’s best interests to play with younger children.