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Intermediate Overview

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If you are interested in trying out for Intermediate League, register for Recreational Baseball (starting on January 15) and indicate your interest in Intermediate during the registration process. Intermediate is for 9-14 year olds (3rd Graders – 8th Graders). Younger players (8-year-olds / 2nd Graders) can tryout and, if drafted, “play up” in Intermediate.  In 2017:  FCBC added a 13u/14u Intermediate League.  This is in addition to our long-standing 10u and 12u leagues.

Teams are built by Coaching Staffs that apply and are accepted by the league by the stated deadline. Additional teams WILL NOT be formed at the tryouts. Teams are comprised of players who are DRAFTED to the team from various areas of our community. By trying out you are agreeing to be drafted to a team. If you back out after tryouts and draft, FCBC cannot guarantee that there is placement back to a Recreational team from your school or any other. Players who are drafted onto Intermediate teams from the Spring Tryout will be taken off of their Recreational Teams and will move to an Intermediate roster. Players not drafted will stay on the Recreational team to which they are already assigned.

Coach Information

All Coaching Staffs and Teams are required to participate in the FCBC Coach Education/Sportsmanship Program. Each coaching staff will go through a one-on-one interview, along with four to six training meetings/sessions.

2021 Intermediate Coaches

Deadline for Coaching Applications is October 15 … but all available coaching positions could be filled before that date … sooner is better.  

10u Teams 12u Teams 14u Teams
Matthew Harrison Anthony Elliott Scott Trenerry
Ryan Thorson Tucker Worthen Hermen Daalder
Kipp Klein Chris Dietzler Chris Trebon
Matt Youngberg Josh Ryan Leo Calabro
Rick Ellerby James McManaman


Drew Watkins Joe Brown  
Dave VanThuyne Brian Maheux
Rich Davis  



Player Profile Form

  • All players must complete a Player Profile Form -- due date is February 20.  This form will be completed on-line.  FCBC will provide a link.  You can also watch for the link to be posted here in the near future.
  • Circumstances sometimes arise when a player is unable to attend tryouts. FCBC will still allow such players to be eligible to be drafted in the OPEN DRAFT. However, the following conditions apply:
    • Players not attending tryouts may not be drafted by a coach or an assistant coach for whom they have previously played at any level (this is in order to protect the integrity of the League by eliminating the opportunity for a coach to attempt to hide a player).
    • Players not attending tryouts must submit the Player Profile to FCBC no later than February 20.  Coaches will use the information on this form when considering non-tryout players.
    • Player Profile Forms must be submitted online. Email (Tammi) for information.

League Information

  • ALL Players choosing to Tryout for the Intermediate League MUST be Registered with FCBC by 5pm on February 20 to TRYOUT. Players NOT Registered by February 20 who choose to tryout will incur an additional $25 fee on top of the registration fee for their league.  Earlier is better — significant planning/coordination goes into the tryout process.

Intermediate League consists of 10u, 12u, and 14u teams. Teams play league games (May to mid-July)and an end-of-season tournament (mid-July weekend). This league is for players with a strong desire to improve their playing skills and to play in a league with fewer rule modifications than Recreational (e.g., Intermediate rules allow for lead offs and stealing).

Tryouts & Draft

Intermediate Tryouts
Sunday, March 7 -- Edge Sports Center
The FCBC office will assign players check-in/tryout times.

  • 10u will happen between 11:30am - 2:45pm. (APPROXIMATE)
  • 12u will happen between 2:45pm - 5:00pm. (APPROXIMATE)
  • 14u will happen between 5:00pm - 6:30pm. (APPROXIMATE)

Intermediate Draft
Monday, March 8
Players will be notified by the night of Wednesday, March 10 if they were drafted to an Intermediate team.  If not drafted to an Intermediate team, a player will retain a roster spot on his/her Recreational team.

  • Tryouts are held in late February or early March of each year.  For 2021:  Sunday, March 7 — players will report for specific 45-minute time slots (Times TBA).
  • Players MUST be registered with FCBC PRIOR to the TRYOUTS to tryout for Intermediate League.  Register for your Recreational age division and school(s) and click the box to tryout for Intermediate.
  • Players who choose to attend the Intermediate League Tryouts commit to the possibility of being DRAFTED to a TEAM.
  • Players must complete the online Player Profile Form no later than February 20 ... sooner is better. The information on this card is used when considering all players. Therefore, make sure that your information is complete and accurate.

Location of Tryout: Tryouts will be held at the Edge Sports Center: I-25 and East Mulberry next to McDonald’s on Sunday, March 7, 2021. There are no additional Tryouts provided for Intermediate, nor are outside private tryouts by coaches permitted at this level.

Draft Information: The Intermediate League Draft is held the evening after the tryouts. Players who are drafted will be contacted by the Coach within 3 days after the tryout. Not all players who tryout will be drafted to an Intermediate Team. If a player tries out and is not drafted, he/she will remain on the Recreational roster to which he/she was assigned.

Remember:  There is an additional fee to play in the Intermediate League.

Age Range

Age Cutoff for Intermediate League is April 30.  To play in 14u Intermediate, a player can not turn 15 until May 1 or later (must be no older than 14 through April 30).  To play in 12u Intermediate, a player can not turn 13 until May 1 or later (must be no older than 12 through April 30).  To play in 10u Intermediate, a player can not turn 11 until May 1 or later (must be no older than 10 through April 30).  Players are allowed to “play up,” especially if that allows them to play with their grade mates. In recent years, good 8-year-old players have proven an ability to compete in the 10u division — 8s are welcome to tryout.  Players in this league are typically in 2nd – 8th Grade (at time of Tryout). Intermediate Teams have the opportunity to play in Tournaments — this decision is made by each coaching staff.

Dropping Off a Team

Players who drop off of an Intermediate Team during training or the season will only be refunded a pro-rated amount based on the league fee of games. This DOES NOT include any refund of the uniform cost which is owned by the player. Players who have committed to this league and drop off are not automatically moved back to the Recreational league.

Players who are “called up” to a Competitive Travel Team will not receive the Rec portion of their fees back. In addition, any additional fees accrued must be paid for either by the parent or by the Competitive team who is calling.


Teams in this league are allowed to participate in an outside tournament to develop players and coaches for possible future participation in the Competitive Program or High School Baseball.

Each coach makes the decision for his/her team. If a team plays in an outside tournament, all costs are the responsibility of the team -- outside tournament costs will be in addition to the league fee. The coach will most likely "pass the hat" to collect money for tournament expenses.

League Schedule

The Intermediate League pre-season instructional/practice program begins in late March or early April with at least two team commitments per week.  There is also an Umpire Training Scrimmage Day held in late April or early May on a Saturday and/or Sunday.  Due to the emphasis on instruction, players in the Intermediate League are expected to be available for league instruction and game play.  Families need to be prepared to make the time commitment so that all players can attend training sessions.  Additional team practices as well as the best times and locations for practices will be determined by a team’s Coaching Staff.  Practicing may occur 2 or 3 times per week.  League games will run from mid-May to mid-July with 12 – 14 league games plus an end of season tournament (July 8-12 or July 15-19, 2021 depending on calendar / field flow).  Some tournament games may be played during the week based on tournament format.

Team Fee

The fee per team is $4,700 (or about $395 per player).  This fee includes the Recreational fee for each player on the team.  Your portion of the Recreational fee (that you already paid) is subtracted from the $395 and the balance is what FCBC will collect from each player once rosters are established — the full fee is due to FCBC by April 10.  Intermediate League Fees include:  Tryout Costs, 12-14 League Games, Equipment, Uniform, and End-of-Season Playoff.  Average cost per player (for a roster of 12) is $395.00 or about $12.00 to $15.00 per contact.  (Full $4,700 team fee will be due regardless of roster size.)